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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training Courses

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training for Aviation Personnel


This course is for air, ground, passenger handling, and operations personnel who require a basic knowledge of dangerous goods within the air transport industry. Its' goal is to provide personnel with the knowledge of what dangerous goods are, the potential hazards they present, and how to identify and prevent the transport of un-allowed dangerous goods in baggage and cargo. It is applicable to "No Carry" Operators - operators that do not transport dangerous goods in their daily operations , but still require an understanding of dangerous goods and the applicable regulations and procedures. This course conforms to the requirements of the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations and meets the ICAO requirements for training of categories 13 to 17 of Table 1.5 for "No Carry" Operators.

This training course includes the following key topics:

  • An overview of dangerous goods and their regulations
  • How to identify and classify dangerous goods
  • The labelling, marking and packaging of dangerous goods
  • Dangerous goods that may be carried in passenger and crew baggage
  • How to detect hidden hazards in baggage and cargo
  • What to do with undeclared or mis-declared dangerous goods
  • How to implement emergency response procedures
  • Required reporting requirements

Course Duration: 3 hours Course Cost: $44.95 Training Materials Required: Access to Company Operations Manual

Price:   $44.95 per student plus applicable taxes.

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